CFOs in the lead of digital transformation!?


Are you a digital CFO?

Digital technologies, such as social media, mobile apps, analytics, and the cloud, are revolutionizing the way in which businesses interact with their customers, suppliers and partners. Companies in all industries are challenged to adapt their business and technology strategies, as well as their operational processes, to these fundamental changes – they are urged to undergo a ‘digital transformation’.

This also affects the finance function and will change operations, processes and structures within this business unit over the next few years. It has been said that digital technology is killing your finance organization, but there is no reason to mourn the loss. Different studies expect that within five years from now, cross-functional integrated teams will deliver up to 80% of traditional finance services. Finance-staff productivity will increase by two to three times. As a bonus, the finance organization’s costs will decline by 40%.

But digital will not only have an impact on the way in which the finance function operates and interacts with other parts of the business, it will also change the role of the CFO: it deals in analytics and forward-looking decisions to create value and manage risk. It shifts traditional accounting and processing to cross-functional, integrated business service models that use robotic process automation. It trades reporting the past for predicting the future.

Not all CFOs’ digital agenda’s and priorities are the same. So we invite CFOs to share their digital agenda with you. They will most certainly inspire you, and you will go back to the office with new insights and ideas to start with. We invite our keynotes to reflect from their perspective about the following questions: What are the key challenges and strategic priorities for the finance function and how will they change over the coming years? How does one perceive the importance and impact of different digital technologies for the finance organization, and how well is your organization prepared to take advantage of these technologies? To what extent are different digital technologies perceived as enablers for the finance function to achieve its key objectives? What capabilities are required within the finance function in order to achieve key objectives, and how well can your organization fulfil these capabilities? How will your role change, and what are the implications for the decision making processes and cooperation with other parts of the business? What role do external business process service providers play, and how will this change? In what areas are they perceived to add benefits? How can they support digital transformation initiatives?

Please join our seminar and be part of this amazing platform. 


Thursday, November 24, pm – Brussels


Prof. Dr. Hugues Pirottes
Solvay Business School
Prof. Dr. Hugues Pirottes
Sandrine Dufour
CFO Proximus
Sandrine Dufour
Jan De Raeymaecker
CFO Brussels Airlines
Jan De Raeymaecker
Jacques Purnode
CFO Ontex
Jacques Purnode
Erik Peeters
CFO VPK Packaging
Erik Peeters
Ignace Van Doorselaer
CEO Van de Velde - Future CEO Neuhaus
Ignace Van Doorselaer
Alexander De Croo
Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Digital Agenda
Alexander De Croo


12u00 – 13u00: Reception with sandwich lunch

13u00 – 13u30:  Hugues Pirottes – Professor of Finance, Solvay Business School

13u30 – 14u00:  Sandrine Dufour – CFO Proximus

14u00 – 14u30:  Jan De Raeymaecker – CFO Brussels Airlines 

14u30 – 14u50  Break

14u50 – 15u20  Parallel sessions hosted by our partners

15u20 – 15u50:  Jacques Purnode – CFO Ontex

15u50 – 16u20:  Erik Peeters – CFO VPK Packaging

16u20 – 16u40 : Break

16u40 – 17u10:  Parallel sessions hosted by our partners

17u10 – 18u00:  Ignace Van Doorselaer – CEO Van de Velde, future CEO Neuhaus

18u00 – 18u30:  Alexander De Croo – Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Agenda

18u30 – 18u35:  Wrap up and walking dinner

14u50 – 15u20  Parallel sessions hosted by:

Aexis – Record to Report – Plan to Perform – 

Christian Pauwels (General Manager Aexis BI Benelux): “How to integrate digital transformation in  your budgeting, planning and reporting process and supporting IT applications?” 

Tagetik – Fabrizio Tocchini (Country Director Tagetik Belgium and Tagetik Luxembourg): “How Tagetik helps organisations to drive corporate value through the use of digital decision making.”

Unit4 – Rik Audeneaer (CFO VIB): “Digital transformation in a lean finance organization”

16u40 – 17u10 Parallel sessions hosted by

Robert Half – Frédérique Bruggeman (Managing Director BeLux): “Finance 2020: Planning for the future of the finance function.”

EY – Matthias Penninck (Executive director EY):  “Electronic invoicing, ready for the big step forward?”

Delaware Consulting: “Growing towards truly smart in Digital Finance.”

• Board: Why the Finance department of JBC chose BOARD as their Enterprise solution, Sam van Roosbroeck Group Controller at JBC


When: thursday november 24 2016

Venue: Parker Hotel Brussels Airport, Bessenveldstraat 15, Diegem